Log Cabin Restoration



The log cabin restoration at Stonecliff Preserve in Blowing Rock, NC, is an example of an antique log cabin restoration by Old Log Cabins

This vintage log cabin graces the hillside at the entrance to the development, and embodies the character and spirit of an authentic log cabin. This page gives an overview of the steps to restoring an antique log cabin.

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Known as the 'Loom House', recovered from the Howard Hege Farm near Arcadia, NC.  It's a well-crafted 15'x17' pine 1/2 dovetailed cabin, circa 1850.


Each log is tagged with a metal tag.  The structure is diagramed and complete measurements are taken.  Then the old cabin is carefully dismantled log by log.

New site prep

The entrance to Stonecliff Preserve, the new location for the 'Loom House'.


Rebuilding the cabin on a new foundation.  Pioneer cabins were often built on inadequate foundations and the sill logs are not useable.  We typically use a new foundation and floor system in the rebuilding.

Log stack

The cabin logs can be re-erected using the numbering system and blueprints.  Each notch is checked for a proper fit.

Log stack

Log by log construction can be a painstaking task, but we owe it to the original builders of these cabins to do the job right.  Our goal is that these cabins will last another 200 years!

Under roof

The cabin is now under roof.  A new roof system was constructed of new dimensional lumber.  The original siding was used in the gable ends and antique timbers for the porch beams and rafters.


Left side of the completed cabin.  Portland based chinking, wood shingles, and new wood windows with antique trim have been installed.

Exterior finishes

The completed cabin, with massive stone chimney.  Original cabins often had large dry-stacked chimneys which were used for heat and cooking.

Interior finishing

Interior details of the finished cabin include the z-brace door made from reclaimed pine, stone fireplace, hand-hewn mantle and pine floors.

Interior details

The ceiling was finished in reclaimed oak boards with the original pole rafters installed decoratively.  The custom shelf was installed in the original joist pockets.

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